We have founded "Bahari Group" (Click for the complete list) comprised of supporters of the Bahari project. This is a group of people with no strong obligation to each member. The core part of the members are researchers and educationalists in various fields and of regions. They will act as supervising editors and brain and sometimes they will engage themselves to work part of the production team.

How we read media (Media Literacy) is getting more important nowadays and this is not the issue only for how the war on Iraq was covered by the media. We need to assess real intentions of media producers by studying how the images presented on the media are filmed and edited, and reading the messages intended to be passed on to us.

In the era, in which we can not simply receive pure pleasure of watching visual images without some reservation , we asked ourselves if there was any way for us to create visual documentaries free from the commercialism and political propaganda. The answer we have reached is that we still may have hope. We started the Bahari series with such thoughts and hope.

The actual production of this series is conducted by the Studio UMI Inc. experienced media professionals.